Crowns & Bridges

For broken, cracked, or chipped teeth, there are excellent options in dental treatment.  Dental crown technology for crown placement improves and becomes more affordable each year.  Additionally, crowns and crown replacements currently require very little time in the chair and patients report being more comfortable.

We offer Cerec (Same-day Crowns), Porcelain, and Gold Crowns.  It really depends on the personal preferences of our clients as to which material they choose.

Cerec Crowns are popular because our digital technology uses a camera, computer and milling machine to create a crown that can be placed in an hour!  The crowns are make of a high performance polymer material that is very durable.

Porcelain Crowns are also very popular and with new technology usually take about a week to get back from the lab.  These crowns look exactly like your original tooth and are very comfortable when placed correctly.

Finally, Gold crowns are still a favorite for some of our clients.  Whether the preference is cosmetic appearance or durability, you can’t go wrong with Gold!  It is our most expensive option due to the price of Gold.

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