Invisalign, sometimes referred to as clear braces, is an excellent alternative to metal braces.  This type of orthodontic treatment is perfect for mile to moderate corrections.

How it Works:  During the first consultation, Dr. Vaughan takes measurements, goes over a plan, and then orders a set of clear aligners.

These Invisalign clear aligners are made of SmartTrack material that allows the devices to slide on and off of teeth with ease.  This type of high quality, flexible plastic improves the control of tooth movements, fits snugly around your teeth and applies a gentle, constant force.

Normally, one can expect to get a new set of aligners about every two to six weeks.  Dr. Vaughan works with each patient to customize a program specific to their needs.

Eating with Invisalign:  Easy and discreet, these braces pop right out for eating and can

Comfort Level:  Unlike metal braces, there are no wires, sharp edges, wax, or rubber bands!  Clients report that these braces are comfortable, clean, and easy to maintain.  Additionally, the Invisalign process is usually faster than traditional braces.  Patients report a much more positive experience with Invisalign braces.

How Old Do You Need To Be for Invisalign:  Depending on your smile correction, there are Invisalign solutions and products for every age group!  The only requirement is that the patient have their permanent teeth.

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