Periodontal Therapy

Deep cleaning of the gums, or Periodontal Therapy, is not something patients typically request.  Most people don’t know they need it until they have a symptom like chronically bad breath, bleed or sore gums, or sensitive teeth. The most common question people ask when they visit the dentist is “How to I treat bad breath”.  For most, we remind them to floss, brush at least twice a day, clean their tongues, and keep their regular dental cleaning appointments.  For some; however, they need a deeper cleaning of the gums to alleviate their halitosis.

On occasion we see patients that have a more serious periodontal care situation that has resulted in loose teeth, oral lesions, or serious tarter build up.  For those patients the treatment prescribed might be an implant, bone graft, or soft tissue graft.  Every situation is different, but waiting with periodontal issues is not recommended.  If you have one of these issues it’s important to act quickly before bacteria spreads and develops into a more serious bone or jaw issue.

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